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The proposal

In search of the perfect moment

“The proposal” is the romantic story of a couple enjoying their love on the heights of Eurostars Madrid Tower 5*. During the two minutes of the video, the intensity of the music increases as the protagonist waits for the perfect moment to ask his girlfriend to marry him. The careful aesthetics of the short film, together with their dance skills, performing a spectacular porté, increases the thrill of the outcome.

Eva Conde and Oriol Anglada are featured artists of the Dirty Dancing musical, in which they play, among others, the main characters: Robbie and Baby. Eva Conde is a professional dancer and actress in musicals and series such as “Amar en tiempos revueltos” or “El secreto de puente viejo”. For his part, Oriol Anglada has been in musicals such as “Cabaret”, “Grease, the musical” or “Beauty and the Beast”.
A HIGH-UP EXPERIENCE Enjoy a panoramic view of Madrid
Eurostars Madrid Tower is a tall hotel, namely, 31 floors in the SyV Tower from which we invite you to enjoy spectacular views of the city. You can enjoy them from the rooms, the meeting rooms, the Spa & Health Club or the Volvoreta restaurant, which make it a 360 degree viewpoint over Madrid.
GET MARRIED WITH US Celebrate your wedding in our hotels
At Eurostars Hotels we know that your wedding day is very special, that’s why we want it to be a magical experience. We offer you our selection of hotels and all our effort, experience and professionalism. Our professionals will guarantee the success of your wedding so that it will be a memorable day.
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