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Shall we dance?

“Shall we dance?” Takes us back to the 50s through an elegant party held at the Eurostars Grand Marina 5*. It is attended by two young people who will soon meet to the beat of swing. As soon as he sees her alone at the bar, he leaves his friends to invite her to dance. She is reluctant, but finally accepts, unleashing an exchange of exciting movements that will leave the audience speechless. Until they decide to change the dance floor for the hotel’s best views...

Brother and sister Agnieszka Cherubinska and Grzegorz Cherubinski are Polish dancers who specialise in boogie-woogie, a fast and danceable type of blues. They started dancing together in 2009 and they finished 5th in the World Championship that same year. In 2013, they won 3rd place in Stuttgart. They are currently the second best couple in the world in this speciality.
SLOW NIGHTS Dinner with live music
Every Saturday in April, the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel 5*GL offers evening performances of a wide variety of musical styles, performed by high-level artists from various countries. Jazz, blues, bossa novas and tangos are some examples of musical styles that have been carefully chosen to offer guests a live musical evening.
BLACK MARINA Enjoy Barcelona from up high
An elegant and sophisticated terrace of minimalist design located on the eighth floor of Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel 5*GL which offers a privileged view of Barcelona. In summer, you can enjoy the city’s magical sunsets while tasting The Corner’s cocktails, as well as attending film sessions and musical performances. All in a relaxed, elegant and casual environment.
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